Alex the lazy Greek

By @galaxyarchis, translated by @IrateGreek

The Omikron Project team, who seek to break, through video spots and ads, the various European stereotypes about Greeks and Greece in the context of the financial crisis, completed their second cartoon. The video’s protagonist is Alex, a Greek worker whom many international media describe as lazy, and who therefore is perceived as deserving the punishment of austerity imposed upon him by the European Union.

You can activate subtitles in multiple languages in the video above. 

This second episode uses official Eurostat data to compare the working hours, annual leave and age of retirement of Greeks and other Europeans, as well as their average salary in relation to the actual price of goods and services. The cartoon brings down yet another series of myths about Greeks, most of which seem to be due to the stereotypical image of Greece as a sunny holiday destination.

You can watch the first episode of “Alex the lazy Greek” here (it had more than 180,000 views on YouTube since it was released) and, since you’ll be on Omikron’s website, you can also check out their ad gallery.

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