Amnesty International: the situation of human rights in Greece is deteriorating

Posted by @IrateGreek

The Greek chapter of Amnesty International organized a press conference to present the organization’s annual report in front of the Aliens’ Department in Athens today. This symbolic choice reflects Amnesty’s key findings about the situation of human rights in Greece in 2013:

“Allegations of human rights abuses by police, including torture and excessive use of force continued throughout the year. Migrants and asylum seekers faced impediments in registering their asylum applications and were often detained in substandard conditions. Hate crime on the basis of race and ethnicity escalated dramatically.”

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The Kallipoli police station: A little Guantanamo and its little people

Posted by @csyllas, translated/adapted from Greek by @IrateGreekThe following is an eyewitness account from Giorgos Karystinos after a visit to the Kallipoli police station in Piraeus on 03 May 2013

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#rbnews international show 09 February 2013: Police brutality in Greece

This week on #rbnews international, given the abundant news related to arrests and torture by the Greek police, we discussed the issue of police brutality in Greece with Maro Savvopoulou, the press officer from the Greek chapter of Amnesty International. Amnesty has recently published a report on this matter and is currently conducting a campaign to push the Greek authorities to investigate these allegations and take appropriate action.

You can follow Amnesty Greece on Twitter @AmnestyGreece.

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