Greece: The big sell-off – Debunking Alexia Kefalas’s report for French public TV

This post, co-authored by Okeanos (@Okeanews) and Theodora Oikonomides (@IrateGreek) was first published in French on Okeanews.The weekly documentary magazine Envoyé Spécial broadcast on French public TV channel France 2 shortly before Christmas 2012 a report about privatizations in Greece. Titled “Greece: the big sell-off” (“Grèce: la grande braderie”), the report, devised and produced by Alexia Kefalas (@alexisKefalas) and Michel Tardy, is riddled with inaccuracies and oversights, and, what is more, one of the interviewees denies the role attributed to him. The result is a picture of privatizations in Greece which is entirely distorted. Here’s an analysis of what journalists should not do.

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