#rbnews weekly bulletin 01-07 June 2013

Prepared by the #rbnews international team, translated by @IrateGreek The text companion to this week’s #rbnews international show is now online. You can read it after the jump.

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The demonstration against ore mining in Thessaloniki on 09 March 2013

After recent developments in Halkidiki (see here, here and here for background), a large demonstration against ore mining that was planned jointly by the anti-mining movements of Halkidiki, Kilkis and Thrace in Thessaloniki on 09 March took unexpected proportions. Turnout against mining was extremely large (9,000 according to the police, up to 20,000 according to eyewitnesses), and was further reinforced when a demonstration against cuts to the education budget chose to join the anti-mining protesters.You will find photos and videos of the demonstration, as well as a full Twitter archive of the hashtag #Skouries, after the jump.

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