#rbnews international show 29 December 2012 – The year in review

On #rbnews international on 29 December, we reviewed the key events of 2012 with (almost) the whole international team in the studio and contributions from radiobubble’s citizen journalists, listeners and friends.
Special thanks to @doltsevito, @catalternative, @harrisxan, @sotomi, @ypopto_mousi, @serk01, @ailatank, @pexlibanis, @antigoldgreece, @galaxyarchis, @zoemavroudi, @Polyfimos@ManinaF, @mpatman, @Krotkie and @Jaquoutopie for their input. And special thanks to all those – named and unnamed – who contributed lies on Christmas Eve.
You can listen to the podcast after the jump.

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