#rbnews international show 30 March 2013 – Skouries: the march to Stratoni

On 30 March 2013 on #rbnews international, we discussed once again the issue of gold and copper mining in Skouries, Halkidiki, while the anti-mining movement was holding a demonstration from Ierissos to Stratoni, the village where mining company Hellas Gold has its local offices.

With me in the studio were @potmos and @menacius from OmniaTV and Georgia Anagnou (@ganagnou) from Exandas Documentaries, and discussed, among other things, the production of two recent documentaries on the Skouries issue: Greedy Profit (OmniaTV) and Cassandra’s Treasure (Exandas).

We also interviewed Maria Kadoglou, who was participating in the march to Stratoni, Vasilis Tzimourtos, a lawyer from Ierissos who is provided legal assistance to people detained in the latest police sweep operation, and Perka Peti from the Technical Chamber of Greece, who participated in producing the Chamber’s study on the anticipated impact of the mining operation.

You can listen to the podcast, as usual, after the jump.

Part 1: News bulletin (download)


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